Low-Key Love Day

Three simple (and sparkling!) Valentine’s Day suggestions.

February 11, 2009

My email inbox is stuffed to the gills, at the moment, with Valentine’s Day press releases featuring elaborate five-course meals and splurgey hotel deals. (The "Love Your President" package at the Hotel 1000 comes complete with a book of Obama speeches and a poster. Um, the Barackomania has officially become creepy, Seattle.)

Nothing wrong with going all out, of course, but my personal approach to Valentine’s celebrations is to have some champagne and call it a day. If you too are into the simple and the sparkly, here are three easy champagne themed suggestions for Saturday.

1. Buy a bottle of Mountain Dome Brut Sparkling Wine NV. Made by a family-owned winery on the border of Washington and Idaho, it’s usually priced around $16—an enormous value. Look for the creepy gnome lovers (cartoon versions of the winemakers) on the label.

2. Take a pal or a partner to The Bottleneck Lounge where, between the hours of 8pm and midnight, they’re offering two-for-one champagne flutes.

3. Read up on the best champagne and food combos in this article from Seattle Met’s February 2008 issue, then put together a pairing menu at home.

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