Happy Hour

Happy Hour at the Sorrento Hotel

The Hunt Club is hungry for young blood…and it’s offering rides.

February 27, 2009

Fireside Room

Moments ago, I received an email about a new happy hour that starts tonight at the Hunt Club and Fireside Room in the Sorrento. My first reaction was to delete it and pretend I’d never seen it—the Fireside Room is a luscious little secret, a place where you can nestle in among the octogenarians, sink into a plush couch with a whiskey cocktail, and dive into deep, meandering conversation. As much as I love happy hours, this really threw me. What would 50 cent fried oysters and $4 wells do this fabulously discrete old luxury bar? I didn’t want to know.

Then I called the general manager, Jeff Jobe, who told me that the bar and lounge are pretty much screwed if they don’t start drawing in the 27-to-45 set. The more, er, mature locals who tend to frequent the Sorrento simply don’t go out enough to sustain the Sorrento’s dining program. “It’s time to get this place alive and kicking,” said Jobe. “I want to see it overutilized instead of underutilized.”

He’s so dedicated to doing just that that he will send the hotel limo—generally only at the beck and call of the Sorrento’s elite overnight guests—to come pick up you and your “posse,” (His word, not mine. The Sorrento is new to this whole youth thing.) anywhere in the downtown area from 4-6pm. Just call this number: 206-622-6400.

The HH itself is pretty good. The bar’s well gin is Bombay, so I suggest you stick to that (vodka is Monopolowa). Wines are also $4, domestic brews are $2.50 while micros are $3.50. Chilled shrimp and fried oysters are 50 cents, and there’s a $4 slider plate and $5 ahi tuna salad.

So get on up to First Hill and save the Fireside, 27-to-45ers. But let’s all make an effort not to use the word “posse” while we’re there. It just feels all wrong.

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