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Where to take your squeeze to dinner this Saturday

By Kathryn Robinson February 8, 2009

No matter where you come down on Valentine’s Day, it’s on a Saturday this year—which only cranks the emotional ante. Those who loathe every minute of the big V.D. will be in a particularly dark circle of hell. Those who think it’s the best day of the year will be extra insufferable.

The Tablehopper has no idea which camp you’re in…but she does know you like to eat. Some restaurants, including many more than the following, have created specials just for you. These’ll get you started:

The Palace Kitchen is doing up a party, the Heart and Soul Feast, from 7pm to midnight. For $100 per person (which includes tax and gratuity) you get a Southern-style dinner (sweet potato and lobster gratin, fried chicken and waffles, and WAY more), three glasses of wine, and dancing to KEXP DJ Chilly.

At Earth & Ocean, chef Adam Stevenson, will do up two four-course pris-fixe ($65 per person, plus tax and tip) dinners—one along the theme of earth, the other ocean. Both start with gratis oysters. Heh heh. Earthlings then get things like lamb loin and duck breast, oceanistas ahi tuna and sea scallops.

Boom Noodle will offer a three-course feast that night, including starters like dashi custard with shrimp and shiitakes and entrees like flatiron steak with roasted kabocha squash, and chocolate rice pudding with a Rice Krispy treat for dessert.

Go crazy.

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