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Tonight: Solomon Georgio at King Cobra

Catch a talented local comedian before he skips town.

February 12, 2009

Still looking for something to do tonight? I, for one, will be at King Cobra taking in comedian Solomon Georgio’s last Seattle performance before he heads to San Fran to pursue stand-up dreams in the big city. Georgio masterminded the send-off: "It’s just going to be a giant, awesome party," he says. "And show that Seattle performers are really amazing."

I only recently saw Georgio for the first time, when he hosted the bi-monthly Cracked Up comedy showcase at the Capitol Club. (Also the site of Georgio’s very first performance two years ago, which lasted an astounding 45 minutes). I prepared to cringe, but a lot of the performances were really good, and Georgio’s sardonic, somewhat esoteric style stood out. Come laugh with/at him tonight, you won’t get another chance anytime soon.

Show begins at 9pm; tickets are $12 at the door.

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