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Happy Hour of the Week: Boat Street Cafe

Classy little snacks (mini hangar steak, goat cheese with pickled figs) in one of Seattle’s most charming restaurant spaces. Have we found the perfect happy hour?

February 27, 2009

HOURS: Tue, Wed, Thu 5-7
PRICES: Half-price wines
Half-price snacks and mini plates

Oh, Boat Street. Clean whitewashed walls offset by scarlet, orange, and bright blue Japanese parasols and lanterns swinging from the rafters; smartly painted farmhouse chairs; fresh flowers, votive candles, rows of wine bottles lining the window. And that porch. With its hanging plants and twinkling lights, it’s almost too perfect, too achingly charming. I’d like to think my house might someday look like this, if time or money ever permitted me to have my way with it.

And the food is always spot on—that simple, expertly seasoned style of country French inspired cooking that so many attempt and so few do so well.

And now, chef/owner Renee Erickson has introduced a happy hour (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5-7) with half-price wines, plus snacks and mini plates like duck fat fried potatoes, mini hangar steak, and goat cheese with pickled figs. (Erickson is nothing if not a talented pickler.) See menu here.

I love that economic turbulence is inspiring so many local restaurants to not only start hosting happy hours, but that they are doing what they do best at happy hour, showcasing their style while offering customers a way to keep going out and getting together in tough times. And I really can’t think of a sweeter spot for taking advantage of the trend.

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