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JAN. 19, 2009

Condo Pet Pals™ Introduces Pet Waste Solution

Sod Pod expected to reduce dog waste around Seattle

SEATTLE, WA — JANUARY 19, 2009 — Condo Pet Pals™ of Monroe, Washington announces today both Seattle and Eastside availability of its unique pet waste management service. Condo Pet Pals™ has stepped up to the plate to help with the issue of dog feces in the metropolitan areas. Condo Pet Pals™ is providing pet owners who reside in condominiums and townhomes throughout Seattle and the Eastside with a “green” solution for pet waste. Condo Pet Pals™ has designed a sealed rectangular container (made of recycled material) called the “Sod Pod” which holds real, living grass sod. The Sod Pod is placed on the residents’ deck or balcony. The pet then is trained to use this pod of grass as its new potty area. The resident picks up the solids and Condo Pet Pals™ does the rest.
On a weekly or bi-weekly basis a Condo Pet Pals™ staff member arrives at the residents’ door and changes out the soiled grass with fresh, clean live grass. Each roll of sod is bagged prior to being brought into the condo complex and all soiled sod is bagged when changed, this ensures that there’s no dirt or mess in the building or resident’s home. When sod is in the container there’s no odor and dog waste is completely contained.


Taking care of the environment, your pet and your city
Condo Pet Pals™ service and design is environmentally friendly and a safeguard against pet transmitted diseases for both the pets and humans. Because the grass is a living organism, it can be recycled. Each week the soiled sod is ground up and composted back to topsoil and used at a local lawn/sod company. It helps reduce pet transmitted diseases by being a one pet potty station, every dog in the city isn’t using the same grass area.
This isn’t the case with city parks and off-leash dog parks, where hundreds or maybe even thousands of dogs are spreading feces and urine in relatively small areas. And as much as we love our pets, dogs will be dogs and that means sometimes they like to pick up and chew other dog’s feces.
Condo Pet Pals™: Action Today, Benefits Today
The Sod Pod gives pet owners so much more flexibility, allowing owners to let their pets just step outside their door, do their business and return back inside, making for easy clean up and considerable time savings. Condo Pet Pals™ service is designed for condo or apartment buildings, as well as hotels, and work places, even city streets themselves. Imagine the health and beauty benefits if cities would provide these sealed and contained potty stations throughout the city for use by its local dogs and changed weekly at a reasonable cost. These self contained pods allow for easy pick-up and disposal, reducing the amount of potentially harmful bacteria and diseases such as roundworms or E. coli from getting into water sources on sidewalks and so on.
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Condo Pet Pals™ is committed to providing a safe, clean and environmentally friendly pet waste station for condo pet owners. Pets are no longer just animals that a family or person owns, they’re family members that are loved and treasured.

For more information:
Melissa Bloom, 425-736-1083, email: [email protected]


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