A few people emailed me asking if there would be another Arrested Development trivia night, so I got some details from Dan Baumfeld at Neptune:

"We do the arrested development trivia every quarter, so look for it in April or so. It hasn’t been scheduled yet. There were 20+ teams competing this time and we had Neptune filled to capacity.

We had a couple tough trivia questions, but people had the most trouble with the actors section. I named a role the actor had been in and you had to name the AD character.

For example: Happy Days/The Fonz = Barry Zuckercorn

Here are some of the toughest questions:

What is the name of Maeby’s remake of "The Old Man and the Sea"? (A)"The Young Man and the Beach."

According to her yearbook picture, what club/team was Ann in? (A) Math Club."

Clearly, the true fans have not emerged. I expect to see real experts at the next one.

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