Iron Bartender at Tigertail

This Sunday (January 18) at six pm

January 15, 2009

I’m always up for any drinking competition that doesn’t requires sinking a ping pong ball into a red plastic cup (or, for that matter, any drinking competition that does). But Tigertail’s new Iron Bartender event, debuting this Sunday, according to Rebekah Dunn of the PI, is purely a spectator sport. You just show up and watch local cocktail pros make drinks and get judged on the results. Good times. Best of all it’s at six so if you are, like me, a member of that Seattle minority who actually watches television AND has cable (or at least admits as much), you can make it home in time for the definitely-going-to-be-intense season three debut of Big Love at 9.

(With thanks to Unnamed Colleague)

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