Behind the Bar: DC

Working the inauguration in the other Washington

January 26, 2009

A lot of us were bummed because we didn’t get to go to the Inauguration, but did you ever wonder what it was like for people who actually work and live in DC? No, you didn’t. Because no one ever thinks about people that live in DC, unless they themselves live or have lived there.

I was living there when Bush got "elected," braving a metro full of fur-coat and cowboy-hat clad supporters. Four years later, they were back. And this time, security was serious: we lived close to the convention center where a lot of the parties are held, and unless you had a utility bills on your person proving you lived on our block, security guards wouldn’t let you past the police tape that lined the streets. These are some of the reasons people move out of DC.

But this post isn’t about me, or George Bush supporters turning my neighborhood into a crime scene. It’s about my dear, hilarious friend Scott who is a bartender in a Dupont Circle bar where people tend to behave badly—even when there isn’t an inauguration on. He blogs about his experiences last week here.

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