Drink of the Week: The Kentucky Boy Blue

Stoli blueberry and muddled basil at the Buck

By Jessica Voelker January 11, 2009

Near the town where I grew up, there is a monster truck rally venue called The Buck. Back in the day, the Buck had these TV ads featuring a super-deep, stuttering, electronically altered voice that would boom out the names of the vehicles (Dirt Slinger, Red Hot) set to pulverize each other that weekend.

Oh, the hours we spent mimicking that voice. It was comedy gold for me and my middle-school friends. One girl even had this highly coveted t-shirt featuring the stadium’s motto, "I’ll see you at the Buck."

Which is a long way of saying that I was predisposed to like The Buck when it opened, but it really is a cool little bar, and one where you can actually have a conversation without shouting. The wood paneling and tight quarters made me feel like I was drinking in a Western-themed sauna…minus the heat. They have lots of great whiskey-based cocktails, but my favorite of the five or six I’ve sampled is their current special, The Kentucky Boy Blue. Made with Stoli blueberry and muddled basil, it’s refreshing and just sweet enough.

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