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The Big Picture

January 19, 2009

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that yesterday was my first trip to The Big Picture in Belltown. I guess because it’s also an event-and-party space, I had this sense that it was going to be Disneyish and frustrating. But it’s not, it’s awesome. (I saw Doubt, which is a breathtakingly taut triumph of a movie that I fear will be robbed of its due by a showier film by Danny Boyle. I’m really not up for another Crash/Brokeback Mountain heartbreak.) Anyway, what impressed me much about the theater was the casualness of it all. Order a beer at the bar, wander into the theater and drape your coat over your seat of choice, wander back out and chill on the couch while you wait for your friend. Wander back into the theater. And so forth. It kind of puts your typical cinema to shame.

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