For the Love of Beer

What’s your Beersonality?

January 15, 2009

I know, I know, you are totally slammed at work. You probably won’t even run out to get a sandwich today—your dedication is such that you’re willing to lunch on bubble gum and muddy office coffee if that’s what the company needs. But were you the sort of beer (and self!) obsessed slacker who was interested in learning what your "beersonality" was with a Seattlecentric quiz, you might head over to the Two Beers website for some brewsky-themed procrastination. Spoiler: your beersonality will always end up being one of Two Beers’ beers, but it’s still fun to answer questions like (Spoiler 2) "What is your favorite internal organ?"

And to learn more about the brewer behind Two Beers, Joel VanderBrink, check out this article from the August issue. But only after you’ve filed your TPS reports, of course.

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