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Day In Day Out Announces 2022 Lineup

And it’s straight out of a hipster’s fevered daydream.

By Sophie Grossman March 1, 2022

The one and only stage at last year's festival.

Image: Joshua Lewis

Day In Day Out, in its second year, is sort of like Capitol Hill Block Party’s alt younger sibling who smokes hand-rolled cigarettes and wears turtlenecks. Which is to say it’s smaller in scale (one full stage, with a peripheral area for DJ sets), its compact lineup is crammed with indie star power—2022 headliners the National, Mitski, and Mac DeMarco dominate their respective genres—and it might actually be cooler than its glitzy big brother. 

Evan Johnson is the talent buyer for Daydream State, the force behind Block Party and DIDO, and says that he sees the two festivals as intentionally complementary. “Block Party has changed over the years,” he says, not only in scope but in “personality"; DIDO is intended to provide a niche for artists who might not gel with Block Party’s sound anymore.

The 2022 lineup is actually pretty diverse, ranging from punk rock to rap to moody '80s-tinged dream pop, but united by sensibility in a way that feels more cohesive, somehow, than if it were hemmed more rigidly by genre. “It’s like a buffet” for people who like indie music, as Johnson puts it.

Indie is one of those terms that’s become more theoretically charged as the technical accuracy of its application has waned; after all, what’s less fringe than the best-selling album in America? Isn’t “indie star power” kind of an oxymoron? But maybe the term is at its most useful in this more abstract sense. There’s a spirit of experimentation, of rebellion against what Johnson calls a “mass-produced feel,” that unites the work of Japanese Breakfast, fronted by Crying in H Mart author Michelle Zauner, with that of rapper JPEGMAFIA, despite the glaring differences in their individual sounds. Day In Day Out’s lineup is pretty quintessentially Seattle in its ethos, then, despite all the big national names (like, just for example, the National). 

See the full lineup for the August 12—14 fest at Fisher Green Pavilion, including some local favorites who will be playing DJ sets off the main stage.


The National
Mac DeMarco
Japanese Breakfast
Animal Collective
Soccer Mommy
Jamila Woods
Cherry Glazerr
Sampa the Great
Hurray for the Riff Raff
La Luz
Shabazz Palaces


Lite Smokes
Emily of Tacocat
Spirit Award
Shaina Shepherd
The Grizzled Mighty
Abbie of KEXP
Acid Tongue and DJ Sarah Savannah
Emerald City Soul Club
Naked Giants
Beverly Crusher
Evie of KEXP 
Tres Leches
La Fonda


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