Imagine this, but filled with tiny witches. 

Image: Stefan Milne

Back in April, Seattle began designating certain stretches of road Stay Healthy Streets. Orange cones and "Street Closed" signs went up on neighborhood greenways. The roads are technically closed only to thru traffic; pedestrians and cyclists get the right of way. It's worked, kind of. I live a block away from one in Wallingford. I have watched plenty of people stroll down the middle of the street. I have also watched many, many cars drive past those signs for many, many blocks at a time. I have seen the cones and signs moved off the street. I have seen the cones flattened. And I have been yelled at by a FedEx driver as I walked in the middle of the street: “You’re in the road, bub!”

Presumably, though, people will adhere to the Stay Healthy spirit more if the street is filled with tiny witches, and tigers guided by their Joe Exotic dads, all of whom are trying to socially distance.

Yesterday, Seattle Department of Transportation got festive and announced that you can apply for a Trick or Street Block. (Basically it's a one-day Stay Healthy Blocks but, you know, with word play.) Here are the basic rules: You can’t live on an arterial, bus route, or intersection. You have to let your neighbors know. You need to apply online by 5pm on October 29. And you need to install signs (SDOT has a template) and barricades. For the full list of stipulations and the application, head to SDOT’s website.

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