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You Can Get Books from the Seattle Library Again

Seattle Public Libraries opens its curbside pickup at the Central Library on August 6.

By Stefan Milne August 4, 2020

Two weeks ago, Seattle Public Library let you start returning the books you've had since March (do you feel relieved?). Now the second, better part of its "Road to Reopening" is coming: You may again check out physical library items. 

On August 6, the Central Library will start offering curbside pickup. After that, six more locations will join in: Broadview Branch and High Point Branch on August 11; Lake City Branch and Ballard Branch on August 13; and Douglass-Truth Branch and Rainier Beach Branch on August 18. 

By now, you've picked up enough takeout that you should know how this works: You show up wearing a mask, your hands redolent of Purell. You've preferably made an appointment through the myLIBRO app or by calling 206-386-4190. You park in the garage, or in designated spaces between Fourth and Fifth Avenue. You get your bag o' books and other assorted physical media at a "Scheduled Pickup" table. And you leave. (You can also walk up, wait in line, and get your order with your library card or ID.) 

First, the library will be working through the holds already placed—you know, those titles you put a hold on back in February when Bernie Sanders potentially being president was the Big News Story. So if you no longer want that copy of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism, cancel it. Once the library works through existing holds, you can place new ones. This turned into more of a Everything's Trash, but It's Okay year anyway. 

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