A pre-quarantine MacLachlan. 

Though I’ve long liked Twin Peaks, I didn’t finish its 2017 Showtime third season until I was quarantined at home for a month. It makes sense: "Surreal” is a pandemic buzzword, and what TV show is more surreal, especially for Washingtonians, than Twin Peaks? Apparently, I’m not alone. A few days ago, Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Agent Dale Cooper in the show, posted a video of himself (with quarantine hair: “I’m channeling my inner Beethoven”) saying he’s noticed a lot of people watching lately. So he’s hosting an online viewing party for an episode of fans’ choosing—to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show, which premiered on April 8, 1990. 

Fans picked the pilot—perfect. MacLachlan will start live-tweeting at 11:30am PST on Wednesday, April 8. (You can stream on Netflix or Hulu.) Then at 1:20pm he’ll go on Instagram Live for a Q&A, along with a guest who is, MacLachlan hinted in another video, “the apple of Gordon Cole’s eye.”

If that isn’t enough for you, at 2pm, CORonTeeVee is running “rare” Twin Peaks content, culminating at 5pm by airing the pilot with all its commercials on Twitch.tv.

As MacLachlan said, “Damn good idea.”

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