Blue Highway Games owner, Scott Cooper, with his gift recommendations for grandparents.

With events cancelled, bars and schools closed, and offices citywide realizing how many of those meetings really could have been emails, Seattle is taking self-quarantine pretty seriously. If you’re able to stay home, showing signs or symptoms of what may be COVID-19, or have been in contact with anyone with the virus, it’s time to pitch in to help the community.

That’s right, Seattle, it’s time to be lazy for the greater good. But there’s no need to go stir-crazy. Here’s a list of some local entertainment you can get in the comfort (and sanitation) of your own home. 

Board Games

Blue Highway Games is a local game shop in Queen Anne. Its game room is currently closed in the name of social distancing, but the shop will remain open, and is now offering delivery services in Queen Anne and Magnolia. Purchase your games online or over the phone and request delivery or pickup.

Here are some of Blue Highway owner Scott Cooper’s recommendations for games created by Seattleites. 


Argute is a bet and play game similar to cribbage or hearts. 
Ages: 13+
Players: 2–7


To win at Tsuro, players must have the last remaining piece on the board. Cards in each player’s hand create the path their piece will follow, but if you follow a path leading off the board, you’re out. 
Ages: 8+
Players: 2–8

Go Nuts for Donuts

This game was designed by local Isaias Vallejo, owner of Daily Magic Games. Each player places a card down, determining which pastry they want from a “vat” of donut cards. If two players pick the same one, no one gets it. Matching pairs and special donuts give players more chances to come out on top. 
Ages: 8+
Players: 2–6

Point Salad 

Designed by locals Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich, who founded the design collective Flatout Games, this game allows players to stack cards with different veggies on them in an attempt to gain the most points. With over 100 scoring possibilities, players must think on their feet to work out the best ways to play their hand. 
Ages: 14+
Players: 2–6 

Video Games

Harold Ryan is the CEO and founder of ProbablyMonsters, a game design firm started in Issaquah. A game enthusiast himself, Ryan has put together his recommendations for games by indie developers here in Seattle.

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain, developed by Hopoo Games, is an action platformer game with roguelike elements that you can play alone or with 3 friends in online co-op. The game is a blast and just keeps going and going, testing your skills and giving you many ways to play. The gameplay never feels repetitive and there are lots of weapons to choose from. It’s a fun time suck!”


“TinyBuild is another Seattle based developer that puts out a variety of fun games, one of my favorites being SpeedRunners. This game is all about 4 player competitive platforming and really keeps you on your toes. I have a blast playing this with my friends and family, as you can play both local and online multiplayer. There are plenty of maps to play, and there’s a single player mode that is just as fun.”


“Turn 10 Studios is another team I would like to call out, as they work on the Forza series of games for Microsoft Game Studios. The Forza franchise remains one of the best series of semi-sim racing games out there. You can spend a lot of time customizing your cars and there are many different world tracks and arenas. The choices are endless!”


With a library of over 135,000 titles, Scarecrow Video has one of the largest independently owned film and physical media collections in the country, most of which is now available for rent by mail. (The program will not offer VHS tapes or new-release DVDs.) Contact [email protected] for information. Scarecrow's University District store also remains open, and staff are taking extra precautions to sanitize all discs and their cases as they get returned. 

Here are some Scarecrow staff recommendations for movies by local directors, collected by development director John O’Connor. (Need more? The city keeps a record of Scarecrow’s reviews of movies set in Seattle.)

Great Speeches from a Dying World (2009)

Directed by Linas Phillips

“A great documentary that follows the lives of homeless Seattleites. They tell their stories in their own words and through the words of Lincoln, King, Chief Sealth, Sojourner Truth and others whose speeches they recite throughout. Inspiring, heartbreaking, and empowering.”

ZMD - Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

Directed by Kevin Hamedani

“Now feels like a great time for zombie films, and this one's a standout. Filmed in Port Gamble (which, if you've ever been, is pretty eerie and haunted looking, even in daylight), the film jazzes up the usual zombie tropes with commentary on xenophobia, homophobia, and zealotry. A lot of fun!”

Humpday (2009)

Directed by Lynn Shelton

“Shelton's breakout film uses an absurd premise to explore sexuality, friendships, and gender roles with nuance and a lot of laughs. Very Seattle.”

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