Begonia first bloomed into the music scene in 2016.

Tue, Feb 4
Like her floral namesake, Begonia (a.k.a. Alexa Dirks) sports bold, bright colors in her stage outfits. Her debut album Fear layers her powerful vocals with R&B synth and bass while songs like “The Other Side” and the album’s title track navigate her insecurity, anxiety, and loneliness. Sunset Tavern, $10 

Tue, Feb 4
Orlando Consort: The Passion of Joan of Arc
Carl Theodor Dryer’s silent film about a French peasant-girl-turned-military-leader-turned-Catholic-saint follows one of the most insane witch trials of the Hundred Years’ War. British vocal group, the Orlando Consort, will perform an accompanying soundtrack of fifteenth-century music in true Renaissance fashion—sans any burning at the stake. Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Theater, $47–$55

Wed, Feb 5
Fish Skool with Fishmonger Ryan Rector: Oysters
Fishmonger Ryan Rector’s Instagram feed is a mosaic of delicate fish fillets, freshly caught squid, and other PNW delicacies. With an oyster bar and other seasonal seafood, his Wednesday class focuses on how to perfectly shuck this aquatic aphrodisiac (just in time for Valentine’s Day). Atrium Kitchen, $100 

Thu, Feb 6 
Arlene Williams: The Ex-Mexican Wives Club
In this memoir, Arleen Williams documents her 1976 arrival in Mexico City in the midst of the country’s bitter civil war. Drawing on journals and letters over a period of 40 years, Williams guides readers through her illegal teaching job, friends, marriage, and tragedy. Third Place Books, free 

Thu, Feb 6
Kijiji Night 2020
“Kijiji” is the Swahili word for “village,” a fitting description for a night of music, food, and art at the Seattle Art Museum. Music performances are headlined by reggae artist Jemere Morgan, plus a fashion show curated by Bellevue clothing brand Koeles. Admission is free, but a little extra will grant you Kenyan street food ranging from chewy sambusa to spicy bajia. Seattle Art Museum, free ($17 with food) 

Thu, Feb 6
The Art of Blending: Wine Education with Sommelier David LeClaire
First the oysters, now maybe some sauvignon blanc…no, we’re not trying to set you up. But why pass up a night of impressing a partner with newly-learned wine blending? David LeClaire, founder of the PNW’s Wine World & Spirits, leads a two-hour class with light charcuterie, and a chance to blend your own wine at the end. Chandler Reach Vineyards, $40

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