New wave tribute Prom Date Mixtape brings a vintage 1980s performance to High Dive on Valentine's Day.

Feb 13–16
The Atomic Bombshells J’ADORE
In its 12th season, The Atomic Bombshells brings together acclaimed burlesque performers for the sake of celebrating love in this reimagined show, featuring Kitten N’ Lou, Inga, Indigo Blue, and Lou Henry Hoover. Triple Door, $30–$35

Fri, Feb 14
Twisted Cabaret: Valentine Show
When Frank Oliver’s band of European variety artists are nowhere to be found, Oliver is forced to become a sword swallower, magician, mind reader to keep the performance alive. The one-man show is accompanied by a single stagehand and the Twisted Cabaret Orchestra. Hale’s Ales Palladium, $39

Fri, Feb 14
Head Over Heels
If I’ve learned anything from John Hughes films, it’s that love was better in the 1980s. This Valentine’s ball turns back the clock a few decades to pop and glam rock from Prom Date Mixtape, a new wave cover band prepared to supply dance-ready throwbacks. High Dive, $15

Fri, Feb 14
Heartbreak Covers Night
Sometimes Cupid’s arrows don’t hit in time for the big day. For those entering the romantic season in need of some emotional catharsis, this Ballard pub brings Seattle singers like Debbie Miller, Navid Eliot, and Sylvi on stage to cover classic heartbreak anthems. Conor Byrne, Free

Fri, Feb 14
After Hours: No-Pressure Valentine’s Day
It’s an adults-only night at the aquarium, as the lights dim for a relaxed gathering with live musical performances by Eubanks and Rocky Sandoval. Food, too: a white cheddar mac-n-cheese bar, grilled prawn skewers with steamed rice, and two signature fruity cocktails. Seattle Aquarium, $25

Feb 14 & 15
Comedy of Love
Unexpected Productions’ Valentine’s Day improv show funnels audience suggestions into moments across the romantic spectrum, whether it’s a first kiss that just missed, unrequited puppy love, or a wedding gone wrong. Unexpected Productions, $20

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