Lit Crawl, the annual jag of drinks and literary readings, returns on Thursday, October 24. This year there are nearly 50 events spread across Capitol Hill and First Hill venues. They come in five time slots from 5 to 10pm (readings are 45 minutes, giving you time to walk to the next spot). Here are a couple of our picks, and here is the complete schedule


An Evening with Robert Francis Flor, Kathya Alexander, and Mary Anne Moorman
The three writers delve into their memories of growing up in the Central District. Fuel Coffee

Stories, Refusals, and Songs at Night
Tina Blade, Kat Humphrey, Emily Orrson, and Sarah Stuteville get eclectic, from "the art of sleep deprivation" to  “glamorous ways of saying no.” Bites of Bangkok


The Poet Salon
The hosts of the Poet Salon podcast happen to be very good poets themselves: Gabrielle Bates, Luther Hughes, and Dujie Tahat. Northwest Film Forum

A Bunch of Sad Hot Trash
Sarah Galvin, Rich Smith, Bill Carty, and Corinne Manning—each a funny local writer—look back on being 18 with new and old work. Hugo House


Bodies of Science
Angela Garbes and Deirdre Timmons read on the ways their bodies and science have interacted—a pregnancy (Garbes), a brain tumor (Timmons). Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe 

Hedgebrook Reading: Strangers in a Strange Land
Ellen Forney, Kathleen Alcala, and Wendy Call, all alumni of Whidbey Island writer’s retreat Hedgebrook, dish on being (at least a bit) weird. Capitol Cider


Let’s Talk About Death Over Drinks
Michael Hebb turns his book, Let’s Talk About Death (Over Dinner), into a conversation with the audience about, yup, dying. Bauhaus, $5

Playing in the Dark: Works Inspired by Toni Morrison
It is impossible to overstate the influence and power of Toni Morrison’s writing. Here four writers—Daemond Arrindell, Naa Akua, Natalie A. Martínez, Juan Carlos Reyes—pay tribute to her legacy. The Pine Box


Say My Name: Heroes, Lovers, and Liars
Three poets read on the titular trio—foremost among them, Jourdan Imani Keith, Seattle’s new civic poet. Capitol Cider

Weed the People
Lit Crawl takes on our other legal intoxicant, with readings from Ahnya Smith, Leila Marie Ali, and Nadia Imafidon. Rachel’s Ginger Beer 


After Party 2019
Hugo House’s annual after party has dancing, more drinks, tarot reading, and books for sale. It’s pretty much mandatory. Hugo House

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