Bumbershoot 2018.


Art d’Ecco 6pm
To say BC singer Art d’Ecco belongs to a different moment—the darkly danceable, glitter-stippled glam of David Bowie and Roxy Music—would only be a slight if the moment wasn’t such a damn great one, and if he didn’t carry it off with such exuberance, intelligence, and finesse.

Sol 6:55pm
Sol is, perhaps more than any current Seattle rapper, ideal for a summer festival. His songs abound with the sort of sunny positivity that zooms from the stage and immediately spreads into the crowd. An exuberant stage presence only amplifies the feeling.

Y La Bamba 7:35pm
This Portland band’s recent album, Mujeres, plays in such a compounding array of styles that genre can turn to word salad. Maybe a track sounds like watercolor folk pop, or electro Spanish-language psych punk. But when it sounds this consistently good, what does genre matter?

Lizzo 7:50pm
Of course, see Lizzo. You certainly know she can rap and sing, and write a hook that’s sweet and sticky as bubblegum. Very likely you know she can dance and rock an elaborate costume. She also, to my unending delight, can lay down a mean flute solo.


H.E.R. 7:20pm
Gabi Wilson, who now performs as H.E.R., is over a decade into her career, even though she’s only 22. But this was the first year she’s broken into the mainstream—or at least onto the big stage—proper: She was nominated for five Grammys and nabbed two (including Best R&B Album) with her endlessly velvety voice.

All Weekend

Dulcé Sloan
Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan, here doing five sets over the weekend, is emphatically and incessantly funny whether she’s bantering with Trevor Noah on cultural appropriation or riffing on white feminism.

Irene Tu
Irene Tu's conversational standup belies her deft timing. The jokes arrive quick and deadpan but rarely feel that way, instead unfolding as stories from her life as a gay, Chinese American millennial from San Francisco.

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Updated on August 30 at 1:48pm to show that Lizzo had to cancel her set due to a sinus infection. 

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