Obadiah Freeman, Lia Lee, Annie Yim, James Yi, and Parker Kennedy in Kim’s Convenience at Taproot Theatre.

Tue, May 28
Annie Jacobsen: The Secret History of the CIA
When traditional diplomacy and public military action are no longer feasible, the president often calls on the CIA’s Special Activities Division to carry out covert foreign operations in the name of American security. In Surprise, Kill, Vanish, Pulitzer Prize–finalist Annie Jacobsen explores the inner workings of this secret paramilitary unit through a series of in-person interviews to reveal a long history of highly classified and morally questionable hostage rescues, infiltrations, and assassinations. Town Hall, $5

Wed, May 29 (thru June 22)
Kim's Convenience
Before it became a popular Netflix sitcom, Kim’s Convenience garnered critical acclaim for its funny and realistic portrayal of Asian immigrants onstage. The 2011 play by Ins Choi tells the story of a Korean Canadian family navigating generational differences while working to keep its convenience store afloat in Toronto’s increasingly gentrified Regent Park neighborhood. Taproot Theatre, $27–$50

Thu, May 30
Rainn Wilson and Friends
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. The Office star and Seattleite Rainn Wilson returns home for a one-night show in benefit of the Mona Foundation, a local nonprofit which supports increased access to educational opportunities for girls and women. He brings along a flurry of guests including Seattle-born actor Joel McHale, musician Chris Ballew, and the Toronto Youth Choir for an evening of music and discussion. Paramount Theatre, $40–$96

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