Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA get confrontational at the Showbox. 

Mon, Mar 25
Vince Staples with JPEGMAFIA
Few current rappers drive more ferociously at societal sordidness than Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA. Staples, on his recent FM!, upends G-Funk’s sunshine state bravado into something dark and piercing, while JPEGMAFIA dismantles some of the internet’s more noxious rhetoric with equally noxious noise rap. Uplift isn’t really on the menu, but sometimes a little scathing does you good. Showbox SoDo, $35

Tue, Mar 26
Poems of Legacy, Poems of Transformation: Monica Youn with Shankar Narayan
Monica Youn’s arrives with subtle, masterful finesse. See, for instance, “Brownacre”: Its simple story—two people sit on a patio, one says something—snakes down the page in a single sentence of compounding metaphors that chart the way a bit of speech can upend a world. It appeared in her most recent book, Blackacre, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Formerly a lawyer, Youn is joined by Seattle poet-lawyer Shankar Narayan. Hugo House, Free

Wed, Mar 27
Drunk Herstory 3
It’s like Drunk History—Funny or Die sketches turned Comedy Central show in which people get sloshed and narrate a historical event—but more feminist. Drunk Herstory brings nine women from nine breweries, like Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing, to Brouwer’s Cafe to drink beer and tell stories about women. Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Brouwer’s Cafe, Free

Thu, Mar 28
Cinema DNA: The Elephant Man
David Lynch’s representations of disability have always come knotted. Twin Peaks, say, mounts a good deal of its surrealism on a a giant and a little person. Yet Lynch’s second movie The Elephant Man—based on the life of Joseph Merrick, who likely had a rare disease called Proteus syndrome—depicts Merrick with compassion and humanity. SIFF’s class, led by the University of Washington’s José Alaniz, unpacks the influences in The Elephant Man and its “problematic yet ground-breaking representation of disability.” SIFF Film Center Theater, $25

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