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ARTS at King Street Station’s First Show Arrives

The city’s new art space debuts with Yəhaw̓, an exhibit of work from over 200 Native artists.

By Stefan Milne March 21, 2019

Inside Yəhaw̓, the new exhibition inside ARTS at King Street Station

I’ve been hearing about it for a while now: An arts space was coming together on the top floor of King Street Station. Then I heard Tracy Rector, the local artist and curator, was involved and I was more intrigued.

This weekend that space opens. It’s ARTS at King Street Station. It’s a sprawling, light-filled 7,500-square-foot space, plus other areas for meetings, artist studios, and offices for the Office of Arts and Culture. The space’s first exhibition is called Yəhaw̓ (pronounced yee-hout). Rector, along with other locally based artists Asia Tail and Satpreet Kahlon, curated the exhibition of work from over 200 Native artists, which includes sculpture, photography, printmaking, woodworking, film, metalwork, glass, and textiles. There will be pieces commissioned precisely for the site, as well as work from 10 emerging artists who’ve been mentored by other Native artists. 

The opening reception runs Saturday, March 23, from noon to 7pm. Then the gallery rolls into its normal hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, as well as 10am to 8pm on the first Thursday of each month. The space is free and open to the public. Yəhaw̓ runs through August 3, after which the space will feature other exhibitions that, in the words of the Office of Arts and Culture, “reflect the creativity and talents of people that continue to create the fabric of Seattle.”

March 23–Aug 3, ARTS at King Street Station, Free

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