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Weekend What to Do January 25–27

Your true crime fix at the Neptune, a sophisticated, emo outfit, and a century-old play.

By Gwen Hughes January 24, 2019

Band Cursive plays the Crocodile Friday

Fri, Jan 25
Small Town Murder Presents: Shut Up and Give Me Murder!!

If your DVR is teeming with Dateline, 20/20, and Forensic Files, check out comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman during their podcast-turned-live-show, Small Town Murder. They will discuss the Podunk perpetrators we love to hate and the bizarre foul play that puts them behind bars. Neptune Theatre, $44

Fri, Jan 25
This Midwestern, indie-rock outfit has been “on again, off again” for the last 22 years. But the group—led by front man and lyricist, Tim Kasher—knows the formula for turning life’s grimmest moments (previously Kasher’s divorce and now the Trump administration) into emo anthems. Cursive's ninth album, Vitriola, bursts with the same angst of the band’s early singles. The Crocodile, $20

Sat, Jan 26
Sam Lipsyte

You read Sam Lipsyte's novels, like Home Land and The Ask, for his sentence-level trapeze work. The stories are all well and good, but his paragraphs arrive in twisting, flipping, tumults of scabrous satirical poetics, like Nabokov via New Jersey. His new novel, his first in nine years, is called Hark, and it centers on Hark Morne, a pseudo-guru hawking the concept of "Mental Archery," a mix of yoga, mythology, and actual archery. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free —Stefan Milne

All Weekend
Rutherford and Son

This 1912 English play tackles the gender politics of a small, family business in Northern England. The unknown playwright, ‘K.G. Sowerby,’ was lauded, even compared to Ibsen, for her progressive notions of gender. But despite being catapulted into fame, Sowerby’s plays, including this hit, prove mysteriously absent from English and American stages. This two-week UW engagement will mark the third time Rutherford and Son has been performed in the United States. Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse, $20