Kassa Overall returns to his hometown for a holiday show on December 27. 

Last August, Kassa Overall headlined the Triple Door with his jazz trio. Overall was born in Seattle and came up in our music scene but departed for New York a decade ago. His drumming, rapping, and production have been erasing genre lines since. The show, he says, was a “big success” and put him back in touch with a number of local musicians, most of whom he’d grown up with. He wanted to collaborate with them, and he wanted to have a party vibe unlike the Triple Door’s low-lit, sit-down mood.

Overall had been listening to the work of Black Constellation members (the Seattle collective that includes Shabazz Palaces, Porter Ray, Erik Blood, JusMoni, and Stas THEE Boss). He’d been playing with connections between jazz and rap, but wasn’t finding like aesthetics in New York. “So when I saw them doing what they’re doing, I’m like—home.”  

He invited Stas THEE Boss to his Triple Door show. From their budding collaboration a show was born, Stas and Kass: Home for the Holidays. The two, along with DJ Vitamin D, DJ Young Strong, and Evan Flory Barnes, will take over Barboza on Thursday, December 27. While there’s a clear hip-hop drive here, Overall says the show will find energy and dynamics in “clashing genres.”

“If you have like 8 rappers all rapping over trap beats really loud, by the fifth one—it could be Tupac—and you're going to be like yo I just can't do this anymore.”

To that end Flory Barnes’s new acoustic soul project will kick things off. Then Micstro will hit the stage with some straight forward rap. Overall’s band will perform tracks off its new album, Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz, out January 11, and they’ll then back Stas’s performance. Stas and Overall now have a collaboration track planned, but he says it won’t be done in time for the show. “Her approach is very much jazz,” he says. “The way she interacts and communicates with a beat, the aesthetic is like a horn player.” 

Stas and Kass: Home for the Holidays
Dec 27, Barboza, $10

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