You can drink champagne inside that firework tower.

Grand, Glitzy, Pricy

Golden Masquerade
A classic masquerade party at a classic hotel. You’ll don a mask and sip drinks, listen to live jazz and R&B. You aren’t reinventing the New Year’s Eve wheel, but it’s a pretty nice wheel to begin with. Hotel Sorrento, $50–$100

New Year’s Gatsbyfest
Had Jay Gatsby and his partying tagalongs needed somewhere to cut the rug, the Smith Tower’s observatory likely would’ve done them well. There’ll be a buffet, performances, and champagne. The promo materials maintain that the party won’t go so far as causing two deaths, but why ruin the surprise? Smith Tower, $150

Take Flight: Last Night at the Museum with LoveCityLove
Celebrate the closure of the current Burke Museum with a final night there. You’ll wander between eight rooms with DJs, musicians, and slam poets performing amid swirling light. Yes to beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks. Also, of course, champagne. Burke Museum, $50–$60

2018 T-Mobile New Year's at the Needle
Look out through a gauze of fireworks on the mere plebs huddled below the Needle in the cold. Chuckle nobly. Twirl to the sounds of Kate Voss Trio and clink champagne. Tonight, you truly are the toast of the town. The Space Needle, $275

Lowkey, Silly, Free

Some Bar in Your Neighborhood
Seriously. It’s probably open and has some people. It’s a holiday so those people will probably be friendlier than normal (maybe not). The staff probably has bottles of bubbles underneath the bar (probably Cook’s, sorry) that they’ll probably offer you gratis and the Space Needle will probably be on the TV. And unless it’s swank, it’s probably free. Somewhere, Free

New Year’s at Machine House Brewery
If you happen to live in the Central District, you’re in luck. Machine House excels at nonchalance. The English-style beer remains some of the best in the city, but never shows off about it (no hop assaults, no needless weirdo infusions). Instead, it’s perpetually calm and elegant. If you’d like your new year to be the same, Machine House’s new brew pub in the Central District is a fine bet. Machine House Brewery, Free

Dino’s First Annual World Famous NYE Party Featuring Amateur Hour
Dino’s is a great bar, the sort where you can knock back Fernet, Rainier, the latest Holy Mountain brew, a negroni, or some bubbles and not feel out of place. It also has surprisingly good Jersey-style pizza. For the night, it’s throwing a “First Annual World Famous” party. There will be Miller High Life champagne bottles, a dance party, a DJ amateur hour (maybe skip this part), and Vibes by Disco Nap. Dino’s Tomato Pie, Free 

Musical, Local, Fun

Thunderpussy, Red Fang, The Black Tones
This is the way to snuff out 2018, with three Northwest variations on righteous heaviness. Seattle’s Thunderpussy could sneak songs onto classic rock radio, between AC/DC and Zeppelin. Portland’s Red Fang plays bullshit-free stoner metal. And Seattle’s Black Tones offer severely groovy psych rock. $40, Showbox

Great Grandpa NYE Show with Sloucher, Whitney Ballen, and Salt Lick
Great Grandpa released its debut studio album Plastic Cough in 2017 and its vocal plays and harmonious alt-rock recall Weezer—unexpected and yet eerily familiar. The band will share the stage with fellow Seattle rockers Sloucher (who, shockingly, have a faintly slacker sound) and Salt Lick, as well as the dreamy-creepy, Issaquah-based Whitney Ballen. UHeights Auditorium, $20

The Doo Wop Project
The six-part male vocals of The Doo Wop Project start, as you might imagine, with Motown classics. And while they progress through American pop greats from Michael Jordan to Maroon 5, the rich harmonies abide. Stay for the after party and a glass of—you guessed it—bubbles. Benaroya Hall, $56–$154

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