Annie Morris's New Work at Winston Wächter. 

Image: Stefan Milne

Walking into Henry Art Gallery’s new Between Bodies group exhibit you will see, at the end of the hall, strange drapes. As you enter the room the effect elaborates: Canvases spill, crumple, waterfall, swoop from the ceiling. The images printed on them are kaleidoscopic, yet fluid. Look closer, or read the description of Carolina Caycedo’s Water Portraits, and you’ll find they’re photographs of splashing water. They’re solidified in photograph, on canvas, and then again liquified in the gallery, made to move in new ways. 

Carolina Caycedo's Water Portraits

Image: Stefan Milne

Water, and nature imagery more broadly, is something so represented in art that coming across it in a gallery you may have trouble engaging with it. Another landscape, so what. But here you feel, walking among the images, reacquainted with water.

Annie Morris’s New Work, at Winston Wächter Fine Art, is equally immersive, but you step instead into whimsy, as though you've been transposed into an artist’s sketch book. Steel statues trace female forms and rock-like towers fill the gallery, all in pigments so lively they feel stamped there straight from an imagination. On one wall, canvas ribbons ripple over a steel grid. The technique is not unlike to Cyecdeo’s, canvas unbound from a frame,  but the impact is near opposite. While Caycedo evokes new awe, Morris finds forms for elation.  

Between Bodies
Oct 27–April 28, Henry Art Gallery, $10

Annie Morris
Oct 24–Dec 8, Winston Wächter Fine Art, Free

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