Sure Sure play at Chop Suey tonight. 

On election night 2016, I was working in a kitchen as the results came in. I’d already voted and would check my phone and hear results from those around me, so I wasn’t in some information lockdown. But instead of listening to incessant speculation, and in that election the erosion of hope, about something I could no longer affect, I made salads. It was rather nice. Since you already voted—you already voted, right?—here are a few ways to briefly alter your focus.

Sure Sure
While it isn’t a great sign that a band’s top track on Spotify is a cover of an already exceedingly covered Talking Heads song (“This Must Be the Place”), Sure Sure’s original material is pretty good—light, electropoppy, and gently danceable. Chop Suey, $15

Harry Potter Films Trivia Night
Answering detailed questions on a series of movies about a bigoted evil overlord might not sound distracting. But recall that the series ends with the triumph of good wizards. And if you get too bummed, the Clock-Out has pizza and beer. Clock-Out Lounge, $7

Black Lips
Black Lips pretty much invented the sloppy garage punk—at least its modern iteration—that you can hear at any local house show any weekend anywhere. What their legions of imitators tend to forget, though, and the Lips persistently deliver, are Beatles-like hooks amid all that shaggy feedback. Showbox Market, $23

The Reluctant Radical
Michael Ward was one of the climate activists who in a concerted effort shut off oil pipelines in October 2016. His particular valve was up near Burlington. Much like this magazine’s feature on Michael Foster (another of the activists), this documentary follows Ward’s journey. SIFF Uptown Cinema, $14

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