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What to Do After Work October 22–25

Quality screen time with Norman Bates, a tribute to the 19th Amendment, and a throwback to radio’s greatest scare.

With Aly Brady October 22, 2018

Actress Janet Leigh in Psycho.

 Mon, Oct 22
Psycho Screening
Here’s your chance to marvel and tremble before the terrifying (yet strapping) taxidermist played by Anthony Perkins. It's a classic, yeah, but you’re still likely be afraid to shower for at least a week. Central Cinema, $8

Tues, Oct 23
Christine and the Queens
French singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier’s, or Chris’s, latest album is a nuanced self-portrait that takes in identity duality. Her electric vocals drift seamlessly between flirtatious funk-pop tracks and cool percussive ones that showcase her versatility as an individual and an artist. Showbox SoDo, $40

Wed, Oct. 24
Elaine Weiss: The Woman’s Hour
A historical but topical discussion with journalist Elaine Weiss, who takes us back to the birth of the woman’s suffrage movement in The Woman’s Hour. Delving into the post World War I world and the evolving role of women in the workforce, Weiss tracks the final days leading up to the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The Summit on Pike, $5

Thu, Oct 25
The War of the Worlds 80th Anniversary Live Broadcast
Seattle Radio Theatre puts on a special live show in honor of the all-too-real radio broadcast for The War of the Worlds, which spurred widespread panic when it aired in 1938. (People legitimately believed Martians were launching the apocalypse.) Onstage sound effects and music let you immerse yourself in the Martian hysteria. The Egyptian Theater, $15

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