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What to Do After Work October 15–18

Some dopamine inducing pop, a workshop for aspiring podcasters, and some intelligent alien fiction.

By Aly Brady October 15, 2018

BORNS will play at The Paramount Theater on October 17

Mon, Oct. 15
Rebecca Brown
Seattle essayist and teacher Rebecca Brown was Hugo House’s first ever writer in residence, and she totes a slew of literary awards for her work. In Not Heaven, Somewhere Else, her latest cycle of short stories, she toys with familiar myths and fables, like The Girl Who Cried Wolf, seeking modern morals. Elliot Bay Book Company, Free

Tues, Oct. 16
Ted Chiang in Conversation with Karen Joy Fowler
Ted Chiang’s science fiction is lyrical, nuanced, and intimate. His now-famous Stories of Your Life and Others made the transition into film with the 2016 cerebral alien thriller, Arrival. Karen Joy Fowler’s work spans genres from speculative to literary fiction, but, like Chiang, her command of character development makes for achingly real sci-fi. Hugo House, $10

Wed, Oct. 17
Singer-songwriter Garrett Borns blends future-forward, dreamy pop with funky 60s and 70s era nostalgia. Hits like “Electric Love” radiate with synth-rock beats and Borns’ sultry vocals, so adrenaline shot anthems abound. Paramount Theatre, $35

Learn How to Podcast
At this workshop learn more about podcasts as a form of creative fiction. Local podcaster Ayla Taylor—whose otherworldly sci-fi series Tides follows a biologist marooned on the extraterrestrial moon of “Fons”—will lead the workshop. Along with audio storytelling tips, she’s sure to recommend some shows to add to your queue. Ada’s Technical Books and Café, $5

All Week
TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival
Since its inception in 1996, TWIST has served as a platform for LGBTQ voices in film. On Thursday, catch Shakedown, which tracks the life of LA’s underground nightclub of the same name. In the early 2000s the club was a haven for LGBTQ women of color. Other highlights include Mapplethorpe, a bio-flick about the famed photographer, and Riot, which centers on Australia’s 1970s gay rights movement. Thru October 21. Various Locations, $14

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