Seattle Art Fair 2017

The Seattle Art Fair—the Paul Allen–founded contemporary art spectacle—is back for its fourth year. This time, over 100 galleries from all over the world—Kyoto, Japan; Sun Valley, Idaho; Stockholm, Sweden—exhibit and sometimes sell work at CenturyLink Field Event Center. Fifteen local galleries are among them, largely more established places like Foster/White Gallery and Abmeyer and Wood Fine Art, since setting up a booth isn’t cheap. Woodside/Braseth Gallery estimated it cost $60,000 to move the four blocks to the fair.

This year sees a new artistic director Nato Thompson aiming to create a very buzzy event. In addition to the more gallery booths displaying art, a 1983 scale model of the solar system by late artist Chris Burden will center at the fair and extend to SAM. The sun can be found at the Gagosian booth; the solar model is 13 inches in diameter. Pluto can be found at SAM, if you hunt; it’s .5 inches. You can also find Mark Pauline’s strange, industrial looking robots. Or 14-foot tall puppets of Seattle pioneer women, Mary Ann and Louisa Boren, by Pee-Wee’s Playhouse set designer Wayne White.

Art Fair spawns satellite events, like an after-party at Axis with locally treasured rapper Stas THEE Boss, or you can see an actual satellite: MacArthur Fellow Trevor Paglen will display and discuss his Orbital Reflector, a sculpture satellite he’ll literally be launching into space and which will reflect sunlight and be visible with the naked eye. 

Seattle Art Fair
Aug 2–5, CenturyLink Field and Event Center, $35–$85

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