Jonathan White spent 10 years researching his book Tides. Pictured: the Monastery at Mont St. Michel, France, at low tide.

Mon, Jul 9
Rock n' Roll Patio Party
Linda's brand of easygoing cool sets an acceptable Monday-night pace. Toss the Shivas and the Rare Forms into the mix with a patio and you've got an all-American start to the working week. Linda's Tavern, Free

Tue, Jul 10
Jonathan White
Like many who have spent a life traveling the ocean, Jonathan White felt betrayed by a force he thought he understood when his ship ran aground on a spring tide in Alaska. The incident gave way to a ten-year research project—aptly titled Tides—in which the sailor, surfer, and San Juan Islands conservationist followed the movements of the ocean at their most instructive and formidable. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

Wed, Jul 11
Pittsburgh Queer History Project
In an undertaking as archaeological as it is picturesque, the Pittsburgh Queer History Project amasses a visual archive of Pittsburgh's queer community from the 1960s to the 1990s. At this screening and discussion, co-director Harrison Apple shares rare footage documenting the after-hours nightclub scene. Rendezvous, $10–$15 suggested donation

Thu, Jul 12
Persimmon Nights
The fallout of a nightclub owner's death unfolds as four funeral guests show up bearing questions. The production receives accompaniment from pop trio the Kimchi Kittens, all while the kitchen dishes up Korean food for the audience. Through July 29. Cafe Nordo, $75

Phoebe Bridgers
Maybe you missed Phoebe Bridgers when she opened for the War on Drugs in October, or took a pass on braving the midday sun when she played Sasquatch this year. Now is your chance to catch the singer-songwriter headlining her own tour, playing her deeply personal indie, in which keen lyrics cut through a pensive mood. The Crocodile, $16

Gettin' Ghibli With It
The Studio Ghibli catalogue, especially in thanks to the genius of Hayao Miyazaki, comes across more as lucid dreaming than children's entertainment—cementing forever the status of animation as high art. As a nod to Miyazaki, a group of artists contribute works that engage the legacy of his unrelenting imagination. True Love Art Gallery, Free

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