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What to Do After Work May 29–31

Dante gets cinematic treatment, the spotlight shines on Central District, and DJs unearth music by people you've never heard of.

By Mac Hubbard May 29, 2018

The Triple Door hosts SIFF's screening of the 1911 silent film L'Inferno, set to a live score by local band My Goodness.

Image: SIFF

Tue, May 29
Jenny Xie, Cathy Linh Che
Two poets who are quickly picking up steam in their careers will read from their debut collections. Jenny Xie's award-winning Eye Level conducts a searching inquiry into the nature of the self and the world around it with lyrical precision. In Split, Cathy Linh Che exposes the inheritance of trauma through generations and examines the unsettling way humans treat each other. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

Wed, May 30
Obscenely Obscure
Crate digging for vinyl supposedly forgotten by time (or ignored by in the first place), three DJs reanimate obscure songs recorded by session musicians for specific soundtracking to accompany TV shows, ads, movies, and the like. Sounds will range from funky and catchy to bizarre and untamed, alongside surreal visuals by Aubrey Nehring. Vermillion, Free

Wed, May 30
Histories of the Central District and What We'll Build Next
Immerse yourself in the legacy of one of the city's longstanding cultural hubs. The Central District has seen black, Asian, and Jewish communities thrive there over the years, but now as the makeup of Seattle undergoes jarring changes, it becomes ever more important to understand the issues that affect the neighborhood's present and the future. Speakers, panelists, and storytellers will guide discussion for the evening, which will end with hip-hop performances by CarLarans and Draze. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, Free

Thu, May 31
L'Inferno with Live Score by My Goodness
It wouldn't be SIFF without opportunities for some oddly niche viewing experiences. For a screening of the dark, groundbreaking 1911 Italian silent film L'Inferno (based on Dante's epic poem), brooding local band My Goodness will complement the action with a live soundtrack. The Triple Door, $23–$25

Thu, May 31 & Fri, Jun 1
Yo La Tengo
Since the early 1990s, Yo La Tengo has hardly cooled down, consistently putting out albums that brim with imagination. This year's There's a Riot Going On proves they've got plenty of gas—and ideas—left in the tank. Neptune Theatre, $23–$25

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