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What to Do After Work May 21–24

The Paramount keeps the party swinging, raconteurs hit the stage, and a cult film rises from the dead.

By Mac Hubbard May 21, 2018

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Hinds plays the Crocodile on Tuesday, May 22.

Mon, May 21
Show Divine at 9th and Pine
March 1, 2018, might have been Paramount Theatre Day, but the celebration culminates on May 21 with a free event called Show Divine at Ninth and Pine—the same moniker used in advertisements to promote the 1928 opening. Audiences will be treated to popular songs from that year performed on the theater’s Mighty Wurlitzer organ, one of the only remaining such instruments still in its original theater location; a relic from a bygone era that, like the Paramount itself, remained stalwart through decades of change and upheaval in Seattle. Paramount Theatre, Free

Mon, May 21
Looking Back at Forward Thrust
Nearly 50 years ago, Seattle voters faced ballot initiatives, packaged as Forward Thrust, responsible for shaping many characteristics of today's city: public parks, the aquarium, multi-purpose sports stadiums, and, famously, the absence of a subway system. In the first installment of a four-part series of public discourse, Seattle-based author and social historian Shaun Scott turns to the values and progressivism exemplified by Forward Thrust—and how many of those initiatives that were turned down, such as ones for low-income housing and mass transit, pertain to the city's present. Rainier Arts Center, Free

Tue, May 22
Few indie bands have more fun than Hinds. The Madrid four-piece garnered attention with an earworm-packed debut, then had no trouble selling out venues during their relentless world touring. Tried-and-true girl power meets good ol' California surf rock (via Spain), all in buoyant, infectious performance. The Crocodile, $16

Wed, May 23
The Moth Mainstage
This New York-based literary force generates buzz in any city it stops in. The Moth's Mainstage production brings together five storytellers for a live showcase of electrifying anecdotes. The performers' eclectic accomplishments are too long to list here, which bodes well for the show's material. Benaroya Hall, $60

Thu, May 24
Take It Out in Trade
With SIFF in the air, it's easy to feel a hankering for culty cinema. Well, the good news is you can dive down the rabbit hole with Ed Wood's 1970 swan song. A sexploitation detective comedy done partially in drag, the film was only recently recovered a few years ago after being lost for decades.  Grand Illusion Cinema, $9

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