Seattlemet firehouse on6etw

Image: Danny Hellman

1.Topher Gustafson

The tough-as-nails fire captain with a heart of gold. Still hasn’t scored a Westman’s bagel.

2. Chloe St. Germaine

The chief’s barista daughter; no one knows she’s super hot—until she unfurls her ponytail and removes her glasses.

3. Jackson Slade

The nosy neighborhood blogger who’s in too deep.

4. Vijay McGavin

Lovably dimwitted ambulance driver who always forgets to avoid Mercer.

5. Rainier

The fire station dalmadoodle. Also in too deep.

6. Mayor Danica Wallingford

“This town is on fire” seemed like a great campaign slogan, until that compost heap spontaneously combusted at city hall.

7. Dr. Frasier Crane


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