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Despite the popularity of on-screen superheroes, Zanadu's Perry Plush says comic book sales weren't keeping up. 

Image: Andy Nystrom

After a 42 year journey from dusty bookstore corner to its final location along Third Avenue, Zanadu Comics announced yesterday that it is closing up shop come January.

News of a brick-and-mortar comic shop closing sadly doesn't come as a huge shock, especially one located in a prime downtown location. Zanadu’s struggle to keep itself open in recent years simply reflects a national trend in declining comic book sales.

“The industry has changed, our clientele has diminished and unfortunately, we are just too far in the red to continue to serve as your local comic book store,” Zanadu wrote on their Facebook page.

Perry Plush, who has long called himself both the owner of the shop and its janitor, added that despite the popularity of superheroes on screen, Zanadu’s most reliable clientele for sales of the physical comics have begun to age out.

Fortunately for those looking to purchase last-minute superhero paraphernalia, Zanadu will stay open until January 28 with massive sales going on until then in order to clear out the shop. Plush says that Zanadu will continue to live online after the physical location is no more.   

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