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Tom Hanks Reunites with Seattle This December

America's dad returns to the city he helped enshrine on film bearing his new collection of short stories, 'Uncommon Type.'

By Darren Davis November 10, 2017

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Tom Hanks, author.

Tom Hanks helped put Seattle on the cinematic map in 1993 with the pre-Tinder story about a kid who has to go on national radio to get Pops a date. He's done a few things since Sleepless in Seattle too, namely starring in some Oscar-winning films and becoming a Halloween icon. He also has a new book, his first, which he'd like to share with some nice Seattleites at McCaw Hall.

At "A Conversation with Tom Hanks," put on by Seattle Arts and Lectures and The Seattle Times, the movie star will discuss Uncommon Type: Some Stories, a collection of short stories that each incorporate typewriters (a personal obsession of the author). These Tom's Tall Tales, as I'll call them, range from historical fiction to some good old bowling narrative. And the collection is apparently pretty good, according to recent reviews.

Tickets for the evening with Hanks are on sale now

A Conversation with Tom Hanks
Dec 6, McCaw Hall, $75

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