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Guts and Skins from Cathy McClure's exhibit Dispossessed. 

Image: Cathy McClure

Mon, Nov 27
Pete Souza: 'Obama: An Intimate Portrait'
As the official White House photographer for the Obama administration, Peter Souza got an exclusive look into the president's political and personal life. Now Souza compiles his pictorial and written observations into the New York Times bestseller, Obama: An Intimate Portrait. Tickets include a copy of the book. Moore Theatre, $55

Tue, Nov 28
Victoria Chang: 'Barbie Chang'
PEN Center USA Literary Award winner and Guggenheim fellow Victoria Chang reads from her fourth book Barbie Chang. Published by Port Townsend–based Copper Canyon Press, Chang's new collection of poems reimagines Barbie to explore themes of racial prejudices, sexual privilege, and the limitations of "perfection" in America. Two Sylvias Press cofounder Kelli Russell Agodon joins Chang to read from her most recent collection of poems. Hourglass Museum. Open Books, Free

Thu, Nov 30
Kevin Young: 'Bunk'
The present upsurge of fake news circulating seems unprecedented—but Kevin Young's new book Bunk traces the long history of hoax in America. Poetry editor for The New Yorker and director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Young details the fraudulence in the country's perception of race and the implications of life in a post-fact world. Benaroya Hall, $10

Thu, Nov 30
A John Waters Christmas
Nothing spreads holiday cheer like the pansexual humor of alternative icon John Waters. The twisted mind behind boundary-pushing films like Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, and A Dirty Shame brings his one-man show to the Neptune. Expect a monologue about Waters’s own perverse takes on holiday traditions, a deviant version of a television fireside special. Neptune Theatre, $38–$115 —Darren Davis

Thu, Nov 30
In her new exhibit Dispossessed, multimedia artist Cathy McClure channels her background in metal design to dissect and reinvent toys. McClure's dark, dystopian arrangements repurpose talking Elmos and teddy bears forgotten by the digital kid generation. Her artistic process includes stripping the fur from mechanical toys to reveal their sinister skeletons. Center on Contemporary Art, Free

Fri, Dec 1
Alternate Endings, Radical Beginnings
In honor of World AIDS Day, Frye Art Museum screens Alternate Endings, Radical Beginnings, seven short films curated by Erin Christovale and Vivian Crockett that highlight the ongoing seriousness of the AIDS crisis. Featuring videos by artists like rapper Mykki Blanco and director Cheryl Dunye, the compilation shows the continuous impact of HIV and AIDS on black communities and provides a platform for marginalized narratives. A panel discussion with public health advocates follows. Frye Art Museum, Free

Fri, Dec 1
Artist Talk with Juan Alonso-Rodriguez
Since immigrating to Miami from Havana when he was nine years old, the now Seattle-based artist and Seattle Arts Commissioner Juan Alonso-Rodriguez dedicated three decades to creating abstract pieces that explore the collision between the man-made and the natural. Alonso-Rodriquez gives a talk on his childhood in Cuba, and the complexities of his homeland that inspire his work. Seattle Public Library, Free

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