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Jennifer Zwick. Flowers and Fabric 6, 2016. Archival pigment print.

Jennifer Zwick: The Idea and the Thing Itself
The visuals in Jennifer Zwick's photographs may look digitally altered—explosions of pattern and color, bisected rooms, geometrical objects in perfect alignment and contrast—but each image came to life by the artist's own hands. Zwick's built sets and meticulously crafted settings bend reality in way that tests the eye's spacial understanding of the surrounding world. Opening reception 6–8pm

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Isa Benn, PTSD, 2016. Digital collage.

Soil Gallery
“What kind of work would artists make if they felt none of the external and internal pressures that they normally face?” Quota attempts to curate an open space in which artists confront the expectations that inhabit their lives and inhibit their work. Local artists including Anissa Amalia, Isa Benn, and Sabella D’Souza showcase work that explores the unique identities that shape their artistic processes.—Isabel Boutiette  Opening Reception 6–8pm

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Work from Zach Rockstad's Impressions.

Zach Rockstad: Impressions

Treason Gallery
Think of the new exhibition by local artist Zach Rockstad as visual memoir, a coming-of-age story draped in the iconography of our little green corner. Locals will recognize the imagery in some of Rockstad's paintings, like the Aurora bridge and Twede's Cafe. His still-lifes, sculptures, and illustrations (created under the pseudonym "Sex Appeal") each add to the portrait of an artist as a Pacific Northwesterner. Opening reception 6–9pm.

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Neon Saltwater, You Are Real, 2017.

Neon Saltwater: Unvirtual
Glass Box Gallery
Experience a completely immersive art installation without the massive lines of Yayoi Kusama at Seattle Art Museum. Visual artist Neon Saltwater takes her surreal ’80s and ’90s internet art from the virtual to the real. Unvirtual is more of an artistic amusement park than a traditional exhibit: three rooms filled with an aesthetic that can only be described as neon-sunsets meet digital dreamspace. —Isabel Boutiette 7–10pm 

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