Duffyleg pure american ey6nbu

Duffyleg creating auto-inspired art for Pure American.

Duffyleg: Pure American
Treason Gallery

The imagery of classic American hot rods is embedded in our country's pop culture iconography. Speeding down an open road taps into our collective lust for freedom. Seattle artist Duffyleg explores this sense of automotive pride and beauty via Pure American. The mix media exhibition combines large panel painted motor collages with actual Trans Am hoods featuring stunning redesigns of its iconic firebird logo (including quilt and neon light versions). Opening reception from 6–9.

All american davidson levapr

 Clare Leighton, The Crinoline, 1925, wood engraving, 5 x 4.25 in.

All American: Three Centuries of Printmaking by American Immigrant Artists
Davidson Galleries

It's almost insulting to have to say, "Immigrants were vital to what we now know as the American art aesthetic," but we live in fun times. So yeah, that's totally true. Obviously. Davidson Galleries show off the artistic impact of printmaking immigrants from around the globe over the past three centuries with All American. The works on display include Saint-Domingue native John James Audobon's majestic birds, 1870s editorial cartoons by German-born Thomas Nast, images of artificial flowers by Japanese immigrant Yasuo Kuniyoshi, and dozens of other diverse artists that contributed to our American tapestry. Opening reception from 6–8.

Preston singletary water nvfocx

Preston Singletary: Premonitions of Water
Traver Gallery

While Preston Singletary couldn't craft his blown and carved glass marvels without fire, its elemental counterbalance remains essential in the artist's mind. Premonitions of Water find Singletary exploring a wetter realm while continuing to employ the styles of traditional Native Northwest design. The detailed glass sculptures include paddling boaters and allusions to fish, frogs, and other aquatic life. Opening reception from 5–8.

Carrillo troyguaslepetiteprince vc94zw

Daniel Carrillo, Troy Gua's Le Petite Prince, 2013, daguerreotype, 8.5 x 6.5 in.

Daniel Carrillo: Studio Visit
Greg Kucera Gallery

For his 2012 exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery, photographer Daniel Carrillo took ambrotype portraits of local artists. He continues that journey with his new show Studio Visit. This time he creates daguerreotypes—via a photographic process where iodine helps create images on silver-coated copper plates—to capture images of objects found in Seattle creators’ studios, like wood chips from sculptor Dan Webb and Troy Gua’s handcrafted Prince doll. Opening reception from 6–8.

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