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The Scottish punks of Paws finally scurry back to Seattle.

Tue, Apr 4
Jenny Johnson and JM Miller
Open Books offers a salute to queer poetry by hosting a reading with acclaimed poets Jenny Johnson and JM Miller. Johnson's provocative debut book, In Full Velvet, implores the reader to ponder on love, desire, and queer identity. The work of trans poet and essayist Miller centers around the environmental activism and queer radicalism and has been published in the Los Angeles Review, Columbia Poetry Review, and the 2016 book, Wilderness LessonsOpen Books, Free

Thur, Apr 6
Wham City Comedy
The twisted minds of Ben O'Brien, Robby Rackleff, Alan Resnick, and Christine Ferrera make up the eccentric comedy and art video collective Wham City Comedy. The Baltimore-based group is known for their uncomfortable absurdist humor which pushes the bounds of acceptable social conduct and can sometimes walk the incredibly thin line between humor and horror. The unapologetic creators of the Adult Swim's Unedited Footage of a Bear (which has garnered over 3 million views) head to the Crocodile's Back Bar to make you laugh until you cry (or maybe it's the other way around...). The Crocodile (Back Bar), $10

Apr 6–May 27
Daniel Carrillo: Studio Visit
For his 2012 exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery, photographer Daniel Carrillo took ambrotype portraits of local artists. He continues that journey with his new show Studio Visit. This time he creates daguerreotypes—via a photographic process where iodine helps create images on silver-coated copper plates—to capture images of objects found in Seattle creators’ studios, like wood chips from sculptor Dan Webb and Troy Gua’s handcrafted Prince doll. Greg Kucera Gallery, Free

Apr 8–Oct 1
Jacob Lawrence: Eight Studies for the Book of Genesis
The citywide artistic celebration of what would’ve been painter Jacob Lawrence’s 100th birthday continues with Henry Art Gallery’s Eight Studies for the Book of Genesis. The silk-screen series showcases Lawrence’s signature colorful and blocky dynamic cubism as he tells the Biblical creation story through depictions of the power and gusto of black Baptist church sermons in Harlem. Henry Art Gallery, $10

Sun, Apr 9
Scottish melodic punk band Paws remains largely unheralded, but few acts on the planet rise to the band’s rocking level. The group’s 2016 album No Grace (produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus) showcases frontman Phillip Taylor’s knack for turning scrappy passion and blistering rock hooks into ripping rallying cries for underdog souls. The Vera Project, $10–$12

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