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Pop rock duo Diet Cig brings its insatiable energy to Barboza.

Mon, Apr 24
Timothy Zahn

In the Star Wars extended universe, Timothy Zahn’s Trawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command)—set five years after Return of the Jedi—is almost universally considered the gold standard of Star Wars novelizations. But when Disney bought Star Wars, the imperial media conglomerate expelled the extended universe from the canon. Now Zahn strikes back with a fresh—canonical—crack at the backstory of the titular blue-skinned Imperial Grand Admiral with Trawn. University Bookstore, Free 

Tues, Apr 25
Spiral Stairs
As a founding member of Pavement, Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs) helped create the template for modern indie rock (Slanted and Enchanted turned 25 last week, y'all). Beyond choosing a badass stage name, he also excels at making fans wait for new music. After reunion touring with Pavement in 2010, Kannberg took a music hiatus to move to Australia to try just being a husband and dad for a while. Doris and the Daggers, the first Spiral Stairs album in eight years, features songs that muse on the joys and troubles of fatherhood, life in the land down under, and the loss of loved ones. With a fresh LP in hand, Spiral Stairs heads to the Sunset to pour his soul out via new songs like "The Unconditional" and "Dundee Man" (and possibly throw in a Pavement tune or two for fun). Sunset Tavern, $10

Apr 25–May 3
Anime Movie Festival
Ever had a desire try and understand anime but had no idea where to start? Let Cinerama's Anime Movie Festival be your guide. With eight days of programming, the lineup features many of Japanese animation's most beloved flicks: Akira, The Wind Rises, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, and more. Between the thrilling action features and sweet, nuanced storytelling films, the choice offerings might be enough to convert newbies into full-blown anime fans. Cinerama, $16

Fri, Apr 28
Diet Cig
New York duo Diet Cig is musical caffeine. Guitarist and singer Alex Luciano comes off like a pop punk Tinkerbell bouncing around stage with the enthusiasm of a kid hopped up on Pixy Stix and high kicking in a way that puts David Lee Roth to shame. Diet Cig brings its new album Swear I’m Good at This (full of musings about how ”it’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt“) and insatiable energy to Barboza for a show with local feelings queens Lisa Prank and Jenn Champion. Don't miss what's guaranteed to be one of the most fun-filled shows of the year. Barboza, $12 

Fri, Apr 28
[Untitled] 3
Seattle Symphony’s casual late-night series gets its 15 minutes of fame when [Untitled] 3 draws musical inspiration from legendary artist Andy Warhol. Benaroya Hall’s lobby will be filled by Paul Moravec’s piano and bassoon composition “Andy Warhol Sez” and cabaret troupe the Bearded Ladies’ performance of selections from Andy: A Popera. Yannis Kyriakides’s chaotic and lively “Tinkling,” inspired by a Thelonious Monk riff, rounds out the evening. Benaroya Hall, $16

Apr 28–Jun 17
Outer Rim
In space, can anyone hear you laugh? Taking a cue from interstellar odysseys like Firefly, Unexpected Productions’ latest themed improv show sets its course for a space western comedy adventure. Each night the crew of the starship Epiphany will venture to new planets, engage in epic battles, and search the galactic fringes for signs of irreverent life. Market Theater, $12–$15

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