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Cheap Week: February 6–12

Surfer Blood brings fresh material to Barboza, the Paramount screens silent romance of ‘Ramona,’ and David Shields's argumentative tome becomes a James Franco documentary.

By Jane Kidder Edited by Seth Sommerfeld February 6, 2017

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Check out Thuy-Van Vu's beautiful depictions of destruction at G. Gibson Gallery.

Thuy-Van Vu, Remnants of a House on Eastern Avenue, 2006, oil on paper, 51 x 86 in.

Mon, Feb 6
Silent Movie Mondays: Ramona
For the latest installment of its love story-themed Silent Movie Mondays, the Paramount Theatre screens the resurfaced 1928 drama Ramona. Directed by Edwin Carewe, the first Indigenous film director, and starring ceiling-shattering Latina actress Dolores del Rio, the film portrays the the heartrending forbidden love between half-Indian Ramona and full-blooded Indian Alessandro. Vocalist Alma D. Villegas will provide live accompaniment for this Western saga that’s a mix of tragic and sweet. Paramount Theatre, $10

Weds, Feb 8 & 15
I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel
Two men with strong opinions probably shouldn’t be locked in a cabin together for four days—but there’s the fun. Based loosely the 2015 David Shields book of the same title, the film I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel follows writers Shields and Caleb Powell and the philosophical debates that arise during a trip to the Cascades. Director James Franco threw out the script when a real argument broke out between the two subjects on the first day of filming. Testosterone and oversized egos abound in this humorously fluid mélange of fact and fiction, documentary and comedy. Northwest Film Forum, $11

Sat & Sun, Feb 11 & 12
Surfer Blood
Hailing from West Palm Beach, Surfer Blood entered the indie rock scene in 2010 with their critically adored DIY debut Astro Coast, which earned them an instant fan base. But things haven't always been smooth sailing. Last year, Surfer Blood had to cope with the death of it guitarist Thomas Fekete, who had a rare, aggressive form of cancer.  Soldiering on, the group's latest album Snowdonia (released just last week), harkens back to the band’s modest beginnings with down-to-earth recordings while still feeling like its most ambitious project yet with complex guitar melodies and poetic lyricism. The expect plenty of new tunes mixed in with some old favorites when Surfer Blood make a two-day stop in Seattle. Barboza, $15

Thru Feb 18
Images of Hope: Selected Prints by Jacob Lawrence
There’s so much Jacob Lawrence art around town right now. Soak it in. In case the adopted Seattleite’s The Migration Series at Seattle Art Museum wasn’t enough, Woodside/Braseth Gallery displays even more of his work with Images of Hope. The exhibit of Lawrence prints further underscores his ability to convey powerful emotional messages through colorful abstract figurative paintings of disenfranchised African Americans working hard just to scrape by. Woodside/Braseth Gallery, Free

Thru Feb 25
Maija Fiebig, Thuy-Van Vu, and Linda Connor
Variety rules the first couple months of 2017 at G. Gibson Gallery thanks to its three-artist showcase. Whether recreating images of destroyed homes or pristine furniture, Thuy-Van Vu proves especially adept at capturing the aesthetic qualities of wood (and lighting) in her photorealistic oil paintings. Maija Fiebig employs vivid colors, symbols, and line patterns to turn leafy acrylic paintings of vegetation into welcoming jungles of complex imagery. Linda Connor rounds things out with her beautifully desolate and expansive gold toned photographs from world travels to India, Egypt, Ethiopia, and more. G. Gibson Gallery, Free

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