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Slug away your demons when Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis brings her solo project Sad13 to the Vera Project.

Tue, Nov 29 
As the frontdemon for the superb indie rock outfit Speedy Ortiz, Sadie Dupuis makes a habit of combining angular guitar riffs and poetic, heady lyrical gymnastics in a manner that seems effortless. But sometimes she needs a break from the shredding and boys in the band. So Dupuis retreated the her bedroom to write, record, produce, and engineer Slugger, her first solo album under the moniker Sad13. A response to misogynist themes in pop radio, Slugger bursts with positive electronic pop anthems about consent (“Get a Yes”), getting out of emotionally abusive relationships (“Devil in U”), and finding self-acceptance on an interior and exterior level (“<2”). Vagabon and Lisa Prank join Sad13 at the Vera Project for a night of blissful female tunefulness. Vera Project, $10 

Thur, Dec 1 
Campout Cinema: Die Hard
Start December with a bang by watching the technically a Christmas classic, Die Hard on the glorious Sky Church screen. The genre-defining 1988 action movie still holds up decades later thanks to the loathabilty of  Alan Rickman’s skyscraper terrorizing mastermind Hans Gruber and Bruce Willis’s cunning and heroic badassery as John McClane. Yippie-ki-yay, forever. EMP Museum, $12

Dec 1–23
Austen Translation
For those who think that six classic novels just aren’t enough, Jet City Improv joins forces with Book-It Repertory Theatre to revive the enchanted world of Jane Austen—with a bit of whimsy thrown in. Hilarity ensues during this impromptu romcom, as improvisers create a create an on-the-fly masterpiece in the spirit of Pride and Prejudice and Emma with stand-ins for treasured characters like Mr. Darcy and Marianne Dashwood. Avid Austen fans will recognize the familiar details: yearning stares, family dramas, and tantalizing affairs. Each performance will presumably be filled with carriage rides, country dances, and lots of tea. Jet City Improv, $10–$18

Fri, Dec 2
It’s no secret that some of the greatest music has been fueled by pain and heartbreak. With his latest album, More Than Ever, Minnesota-native rapper (and member of the excellent collective Doomtree) Sims continues the time-honored musical tradition, having written the album in the aftermath of personal losses. In keeping with Sims’ past work, the album features heavy beats backing gritty political jabs, but interrupts the fury with dreamy, echoing songs searching for answers to the unanswerable questions of life. The thirteen tracks follow the artist’s journey of recognizing that joy is essential in the face of sorrow. Witness this equally thoughtful and celebratory performance when Sims hits the stage at Barboza. Barboza, $13

Fri & Sat, Dec 2 & 3
Cathedrals XV & XVI: Lemolo & Damien Jurado
In the dead of winter, there’s sonic warmth to be found in the cavernous confines of St. Mark’s Cathedral. For the latest round of Abbey Arts Cathedrals concerts, patrons are invited to a two-night local doubleheader of dream-pop duo Lemolo (with string ensemble accompaniment) and master singer-songwriter Damien Jurado. Even if being nestled tight in the pews doesn’t warm your extremities, the echoing acoustics of the music should still melt your heart. St. Mark's Cathedral, $15–$18

Sun, Dec 4
Joe Mande
Joe Mande’s fingerprints are all over a lot of the best modern comedy. He’s written for Parks and RecreationMaster of None, Kroll Show, or The Good Place, acted on Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Love, and toured as an opener for pals like Aziz Ansari. Be prepared to feel a bit of comedic unease when Mande heads to Columbia City Theater. Despite a calm stage demeanor, his standup style ably pushes boundaries much more than any of his network TV credits would suggest. Columbia City Theater, $15–$18 

Sun, Dec 4
Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery: 6 Year Anniversary
Seattle’s most beloved bearded comedian (and there are a lot of them), Emmett Montgomery heads to his happy place on the stage of the Annex Theatre to celebrate the sixth anniversary of his monthly oddball comedy and performance showcase, Weird and Awesome. The festive occasion will include special comic co-host Danielle K.L. Grégoire (Comedy Womb founder/Moth StorySLAM producer), jokes from top-notch ex-Seattleite standup Derek Sheen and Portland’s Elizabeth Teets, craft prizes, and a cavalcade of other eclectic Montgomery pals. Annex Theatre, $10

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