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Get Ready for the New Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo's portable next generation console arrives in March 2017.

By Seth Sommerfeld October 20, 2016

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After years of speculation about Nintendo's next generation console (code named Nintendo NX), the news finally escaped Nintendo of America's Redmond office this morning when the company revealed the Nintendo Switch.

In a trailer for the console, adaptability appears to be the Switch's key trait. While it functions as a home gaming platform, an included tablet will allow gamers to play the same titles on the go. There appear to be a myriad of controller options: the standard two-piece controllers can be used from the comfort of a couch in a home setting, attached to the tablet screen for mobile gaming, or detached from the tablet screen (with the tablet resting on its kickstand), and there's also a more traditional one-piece controller shown in the video.

Additionally, it looks like Nintendo finally has support from outside game developers (a huge issue for the company since the Nintendo 64 era). The clip features gameplay of Bethesda's Skyrim (better late than never) and EA's NBA Live (would've been sweeter to see the vastly superior 2k series, but whatever). Nintendo of America also tweeted out an image of other outside partners, which is a very encouraging sign.

According to the trailer, the Nintendo Switch will arrive in March 2017.

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