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Embrace the queer rock emotion of PWR BTTM at Vera Project.

Mon, Oct 31 
'90s Halloween: The Breeders, Hole, and Bikini Kill Covers
Halloween falling on a Monday may be kind of a drag, but there’s still wild times to be had. Rather than stay in and watching a horror movie, dress up and head to the Den for some righteous female rock as part of Chop Suey’s free ’90s Halloween party. Members from local groups like Sick Sad World, Hoop, and Land of Land will team up to play covers of beloved tunes from Bikini Kill, Hole, and the Breeders. Chop Suey, Free 

Mon, Oct 31 

Get in the Halloween spirit and experience the original horror classic when Seattle Theatre Group kicks off its new season of Silent Movie Mondays with a screening of 1922’s Nosferatu. Feel the chills run up your spine as Christian Elliott provides a haunting live score on a Mighty Wurlitzer Organ for vampire Count Orlok’s iconic terror-inducing actions. Paramount Theatre, $10 

Mon, Oct 31
When Wet hits the stage, you might need a pinch to remind yourself that you’re not in a deep, indie pop-induced dream state. Hailing from Brooklyn’s underground music scene, this indie R&B/folk/pop trio combines the starry vocals of Kelly Zutarau, the saturated guitar riffs of Marty Sulkow, and the distinctly melodic synths of Joe Valle for entrancing live performances. See cult fan favorites like “You’re the Best” and “I Don’t Want to Be Your Girl” when Wet travels to Neumos with Demo Taped. Neumos, $20

Wed, Nov 2
Seattle International Comedy Competition: Opening Night
Wednesday begins a month's worth of humor: 32 comedians, 22 shows, 26 days, and countless laughs. The annual Seattle International Comedy Competition kicks off at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater. Stand up comedians from the UK, Japan, Canada, and US will face off and enter an epic skirmish of punch lines and comedic timing with over $15,000 in prizes on the line. This show provides the rare opportunity to witness hilarious before-they-were famous performances (see: Mitch Hedberg). Who knows, maybe you’ll see the next Louis C.K. or Gabriel Iglesias in action before they’re snatched up by a talent agent scouting from the audience. Market Theater, $20 

Fri, Nov 4
Henry Art Gallery Fall Open House
Henry Art Gallery always attempts to celebrate emerging and contemporary artistic movements while still giving a nod to the past, so it’s no surprise that its fall exhibitions continue the trend. The Henry Art Gallery Fall Open House features the larger-than-life, fairy tale-inspired wooden sculptures of Paul McCarthy's White Snow, Chuck Close's iconic photography, the hard-hitting identity art of the Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art's Trans Hirstory in 99 Object, and a collection of Andy Warhol polaroids. DJ Marc Muller, performance group Lion’s Main Art Collective, and a photobooth help round out the shindig. Henry Art Gallery, $15

Sat, Nov 5
If you gave life to a glitter bomb and made it play music, it would be PWR BTTM. The New York queer rock duo crafts crushingly heartfelt pop tunes about love and confusion and has developed a magical second-home bond with its devoted Seattle fan base. See PWR BTTM’s glam flair in action when the band plays its beloved Vera Project with local pop punk princess Lisa Prank and Bellows. Vera Project, $12–$14

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