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Head to the Tractor to see the Moondoggies celebrate turning 10 by finally releasing its debut album on vinyl.

Thur & Fri, Sept 22 & 23
Moondoggies 10th Birthday Party
Longevity isn’t the most rock ‘n’ roll trait, but bands that just keep on truckin’ deserve a round of applause and a whisky toast. The Moondoggies has now been delighting Seattle crowds for a entire decade with its folk-tinged rock jams, so it decided to throw a lively birthday party to mark the occasion. But the band’s two-night shindig at the Tractor isn’t only about its age. The Moondoggies will also celebrate the vinyl release of its 2008 Hardly Art debut LP, Don’t Be A Stranger. Crack open a brew or two and watch the band share the stage with Lonely Mountain Lovers, Pampa, Jackalope Saints, and Great Spiders. Tractor Tavern, $15 

Sept 22–Oct 1
Local Sightings Film Festival 
As a premier spotlight for Northwest moviemaking, Local Sightings can’t be thematically pigeonholed. The 2016 edition features documentaries about climate change’s effect on Alaskan island natives (Kivalina), geeky mockumentaries about LARP (The Village of Middlevale) and Christians against role-playing games (Attacking the Darkness), and more indie movie goodness to see and support. Northwest Film Forum, $11-$15

Sept 23–25
Velocity Fall Kick-Off
As Seattle's premiere contemporary dance institution, Velocity Dance Center always buzzes with kinetic excitement. Never is that energy more palpable than at Velocity's season-opening Fall Kick-Off. Bringing together the city's most innovative choreographers, the three-night event features highlights from the previous season's lineup (Kate Wallich, Alice Gosti, KT Niehoff, Petra Zanki, ect.) and previews of what's coming to Seattle stages this year from Mary Sheldon Scott, Ezra Dickinson, Spectrum Dance Theatre, Zoe | Juniper, and more. Velocity Dance Center, $20-$25 

Sat, Sept 24 
Pratt Fall Open House
Are you an aspiring artist trying to enter the Seattle art scene? You're in luck. Pratt Fine Arts Center—perhaps the Pacific Northwest's most welcoming art school—hosts its biannual open house this Saturday. Come solo or bring the kids for an evening of hands-on crafts, artist demos, instructor chats, food trucks, and more. Maybe you'll even find a Pratt class that's right for you. Pratt Fine Arts Center, Free 

Sept 24–Jan 15
30 Americans

After centuries of underrepresentation in art museums, exhibits like 30 Americans that showcase great painting and sculpture by African Americans may finally start pushing the art world to a place where race doesn’t always need to be the central theme. Drawing from art collectors Mera and Donald Rubell, the exhibit showcases 31 prominent African American artists—like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mickalene Thomas, and Kehinde Wiley—who have contributed to and shaped the modern art world. Tacoma Art Museum, $15 

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