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Cheap Week: June 20–26

Chuck Klosterman speculates what the future will think we're getting wrong, Burke Museum explores the North Cascades, and Dan Levy records his standup special for free.

By Kyle Kuhn Edited by Seth Sommerfeld June 20, 2016

Chuck klosterman acmzwi

Chuck Klosterman heads to Elliott Bay Book Company to think about the present as if it were the past with his new book But What If We're Wrong?.

Thru Feb 2017
Wild Nearby
This may seem counterintuitive, but before you go outside, head inside the Burke Museum to check out Wild Nearby. The exhibit shows off the wonders of the North Cascades with ongoing Burke research projects, ancient tribal artifacts, a full-scale fire lookout, wildlife photography, geological samples, and more. Consider your visit a scouting trip to help plan the rest of your summer. Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, $10 

Thur, June 23
Chuck Klosterman
Because we know people used to believe with certainty that the universe revolved around the Earth, initially trashed Moby Dick, and had a complete misunderstanding of gravity, we know that future societies will look back at certain current beliefs as ludicrous. But we’re really bad at accepting that and identifying the idea’s possibilities.  Pop culture critic, essayist, and author Chuck Klosterman theorizes about the assumptions that we hold that will one day look foolish and projects what the future will remember fondly in his new book, But What If We’re Wrong?. Topics range from the entire basis of science being flawed to what rock musician will be remembered as the signifier of the genre in 500 years (hint: it’s not the Beatles). The task isn’t an easy one, because, as Klosterman states, “the future is a teenage crackhead who makes shit up as he goes along.” The author heads to Elliott Bay Books to read from the book and undoubtedly field crazy hypothetical questions from the audience. Elliot Bay Book Company, Free 

Sat, June 25
Dan Levy Stand-Up TV Special
Comedian Dan Levy has gone through the hoops: serving as the opening act on tours with Aziz Ansari, John Mulaney, and Whitney Cummings, writing for the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, doing a half hour Comedy Central Presents, appearing on talk shows like The Late Late Show, etc. Which is a long way of saying, he’s more than prepared to tape his first hour-long standup special. He’s coming to Seattle to make that dream a reality, and tickets for the tapings at the Neptune are free. So it’s literally impossible to find cheaper laughs. Neptune Theater, Free

Sat, June 25
Lisa Prank: Adult Teen Release Show
Seattle’s princess of pop punk reigns supreme at Everyday Music as she hosts a free all-ages show to celebrate her new album, Adult Teen. Lisa Prank’s sugary guitar and drum machine combo sounds sharper than ever as the emotionally scorned and hopeless romantic lyrics spill out of her on songs like “Luv is Dumb” and “Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines.” Dogbreth and Hoop join the festivities as opening acts. Everyday Music, Free

 Sun, June 26
Seattle Pride Parade
There’s no more triumphant and colorful annual LBFTQ celebration than Seattle Pride Parade. It’s a moment of openness and acceptance whenever the floats, marchers, bikers, and more follow the path along 4th Avenue toward Seattle Center. The artistic spirit takes center stage as  Seattle Men’s and Women’s Chorus artistic director and conductor Dennis Coleman serves as 2016′s parade grand marshal. In the wake of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, expect an especially emotional scene as Seattle’s LBGTQ community and its allies gather to celebrate the life they bring to the city. Seattle 4th Ave, Free

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