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Your Outdoor Movie Etiquette Guide

Tips for how to make the most of the summer cinema season.

By Seth Sommerfeld May 31, 2016 Published in the June 2016 issue of Seattle Met

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Eli Brownell / King County Parks

Summer is coming, which means it’s outdoor movie season. But before you grab your lawn chairs and/or flask, let’s talk about the unwritten laws governing the experience. For example: While texting or tweeting in a movie theater is cause for public tarring and feathering, you can get away with it outdoors.

Fandom rules at outdoor movies. Set the mood by wearing a referential T-shirt (maybe your Mouse Rat tee for Guardians of the Galaxy?) or even cosplaying one of the characters. And though it’s okay to yell out classic lines during films like The Princess Bride, make sure you actually know the words. Getting “close” with paraphrasing is distracting for everyone. Also: Moderation is crucial. We get that you’re a huge fan without you reciting every line like an eight-year-old watching Frozen.

Most important, please don’t be the drunk idiot stumbling around while little kids are trying to watch a family film. Adult (21-plus) summer cinema screenings exist for a reason. And for the love of Morgan Freeman, no outdoor movie and chill.

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